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 How to create a newsletter with impact

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How to create a newsletter with impact Empty
PostSubject: How to create a newsletter with impact   How to create a newsletter with impact EmptyMon Jun 13, 2011 2:58 pm

The past week I had a few discussions about the value in starting your own newsletter. Here are some tips for a successful newsletter:

1. Keep it short. E-mail readers would rather read a short and to the point newsletter than a long discussion or too much information. It is also easier to put something short together than a multi page newsletter.

2. Add Value. It is important to add value with most of your newsletters. The value could be tips about your industry or product or even something totally different from your product that your readers might be interested in.

3. Rotate the content in the newsletter. Have a balance between the following types of newsletters you send out: Value add info or education in line with your products or service, Value add info about something totally different form your product or service or a newsletter where you sell your products or services, e.g. promotions or specials offers.
I often see newsletters that always try to sell their products or services. It is very important that you rotate the content of your newsletter or your target market might just get bored and unsubscribe!

4. Don't stop. When you start your newsletter campaign it is very important not to stop or have long periods where you send nothing out. Decide on how often you would like to send your newsletters out and stick to it. You will see the results!

Reply and let me know if you would like more information on this topic and what - I.e.: How to send it out, how to build it, etc.

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How to create a newsletter with impact
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